8 Amazing Benefits of Sage Essential Oil

Home Remedies TV It is of no surprise that our bodies change as we age. This is particularly true for women, who tend to experience unpleasant symptoms, including hot flashes, … Related Post   Top 7 Essential Oils to Balance Hormones Naturally Most of us aren’t high wire performers because we lack balance. And perhaps…

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The Enticing Essential Oil From Down Under

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling one up close, then you’re already familiar with one of the many special traits that characterize the eucalyptus tree. Slightly sweet with a hint of mint and notes of pine, the amazing aroma of this Australia-native gum tree species is nothing short of unique. It’s long tickled…

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Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil – Vitamins and Their Uses

Frankincense essential oil is extracted from the gum obtained from Frankincense or Olibanum trees. The main components of this essential oil are Actanol, Alpha Penene, Bornyl Acetate, Octyl Acetate, Linalool, Incensole, and Incensyl Acetate. Frankincense essential oil has numerous health benefits which are attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, astringent, disinfectant, carminative, cicatrisant, digestive,…

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Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil – Composition Revealed

Melissa Essential Oil (Lemon Balm Oil) is one of the most sophisticated essential oils available due to the fact that you’ll need around 12,000 pounds of Melissa leaves to get just one pound of this essential oil. Melissa essential oil is made from the Melissa plant (Melissa Officinalis), also called Sweet Balm, Lemon balm, Cure-all, Honey…

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Benefits of Essential Oils – 10 Natural Oils that Can Heal Your Body | Koko Aroma Blogs

Essential oils are able to improve digestion, enhance skin tone, relax the nerves, put people to sleep and do more. These have many benefits and also have a nice aroma. These can heal the mind and body and remove negative emotions with time. You can inhale them, apply them on your skin directly or have them…

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Uses and Benefits of doTERRA’s Cardamom Oil – Essential Oil Diffuser

Known as the “queen of spices” in the cooking world, cardamom is a popular spice used around the globe in a variety of dishes. While cardamom is a flavorful, distinctive spice, the essential oil that comes from cardamom seeds has uses that reach far beyond the kitchen. With calming and soothing properties, Cardamom essential oil…

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How Essential Oils Can Benefit Chronic Illness Sufferers – Scleroderma News

The public’s interest in essential oils (EOs) — their uses, benefits, and safety — has been on the rise for several years. The most common means of using EOs is through aromatherapy, which includes having a diffuser in your home and or carrying a personal diffuser with you. You’ll find that when you perform an…

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strong living

The Advantages of a Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of people today are more conscience of trying to practice healthy nutritious diets. The thing is a lot of people are also finding it difficult to know what to do to be nutritious. If you feel like you need to learn information about practicing proper nutrition diets then look no further, this article…

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healthy heart

Health Magnets for Our Body’s Circulatory System

Our body’s circulatory system is made up of the heart, capillaries, arteries and veins. This circulatory system transports oxygen, nutrients, water and blood throughout our bodies as well as assists in the removal of waste products. Obviously keeping this system in tip top shape is essential to its efficiency and to our health. One of…

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healthy tea

Three Reasons Why Green Tea is a Good Beverage

After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world and there are good reasons for this popularity. One of the most popular forms of tea is green tea and there are a number of reasons why so many people enjoy this beverage. Green tea is flavorful and there are many varieties of green…

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